About Me

My name is Renel Gilles. I am mission-driven education, operations and training executive with history of success increasing operational efficiencies and creating a positive student and staff environment.  Effective leader who creates strong customer service and compliance programs, leads cross-functional teams in major organizational initiatives, and fosters collaborative work environments that are fair, firm, and accountable.  With exceptional interpersonal skills that establish and maintain relationships and credibility quickly, energetic self- starter and staff mentor will gain immediate respect and buy-in from members of cross-functional teams.

I’m married to a wonderful woman called Frances together, we have two beautiful kids, Khemli and RJ (Renel Jr). They are 17 and 16 years old respectively, both in high school.

I’m a husband, father, Entrepreneur, IT Professional, Educator, Public Administrator, Friend, Loving Life. This is my blog where I share my thoughts. Happy reading.


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